PRC Release LET Results August 17, 2014 Teachers Board Exam Passers list (Elementary)

PRC Release LET Results August 17, 2014 Teachers Board Exam Passers list (Elementary)

This year the last LET was held on August 17, in testing centers all over the Philippines including the provinces of Cebu, Davao, Jolo, Sulu, and even in Hong Kong. The test was made by the Board of Professional Teachers Dr. Rosita Navarro as the Chairman, and the members Dr. Paz Lucido, Dr. Paraluman Giron, and Dr Nora Uy.

The LET for Elementary Level consists of 2 parts: 40% on General Education and Professional Education takes up the 60%. The major areas of General Education are English, Science, Filipino, Mathematics and Social Studies while Professional Education consists of teaching profession, principles of teaching, assessment of student leaning, field study,developmental reading, practice teaching, child adolescent development, facilitating learning education technology and curriculum development.

PRC announce that 25,301 elementary teachers out of 70,786 examinees (35.74%) and 26,767 secondary teachers out of 77,803 examinees (34.40%) successfully passed the Licensure Examination for Teachers (L.E.T.) given last August 17, 2014 in Hong Kong and 24 testing centers all over the Philippines. It is further announced that of the 25,301 elementary teacher passers, 21,649 are first timers and 3,652 are repeaters. For the secondary teachers, 23,820 passers are first timers and 2,947 are repeaters.

According to Republic Act 736, those who aspire to be teachers must take the LET to to strengthen the regulation and to supervise the practice of teaching in the Philippines. The test would be held twice a year and the results are posted not more than after 40 working days.


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